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Technology and entrepreneurship in the UAE

On June 26th it was reported that the UAE is at the top of the MENA countries and 19th among all countries (GEDIndex) in support of entrepreneurs.

In this context, and as part of the venture Vision2021, which aims to turn the country to “the Center for Global Development”, SAP company will lead the 2nd two-day start-up event in the UAE as part of the SAP Training and Development Institute, attended by 150 people. This body established in October 2015 the Startup Focus Program for MENA countries in which ten startups built their businesses on the basis of the company’s technology.

SAP works alongside other technology companies to encourage local entrepreneurs to operate their technologies: on June 21st it was reported that Microsoft invites start-ups from the Gulf region to adopt cloud technology by using the tool developed by BizSpark. As well as the Dutch company Bynder that provides a software in the field of branding and marketing, opening a branch in Dubai Internet City, sixth in total and first in the Middle East.

In addition, at the ArabNet Digital, which was held in Dubai on 30-31 May, it was revealed that the UAE has become the preferred destination for the growth of start-ups in the Middle East and North Africa with the highest rate of investors (27%), followed by Saudi Arabia (16%), Lebanon (13 %) and Egypt (11%). It was also announced that in the years 2013-2015, in the MENA region, there were investments of more than 750 million USD in more than 450 start-up projects, while the amount invested in the UAE was double than any other state.

It also revealed that 13% of new technology companies in the Middle East were founded by women.

On May 24th a new study was published, that examined the profiles of the residents of the UAE were created between March 2015 and March 2016 the social network LinkedIn, which reveals that this network helps many of the inhabitants to become entrepreneurs, and disseminate their ideas to overcome the “traditional obstacles” to enter.

The UAE becomes the center of entrepreneurship for talent from around the Middle East and Europe, entrepreneurship becomes the fastest growing source of employment year after year, as many define their professional sphere as entrepreneurs, particularly in the area of ​​professional services that include a variety of support services for businesses including Advice taxes, management accounts and businesses and then the software sector and retail. And an increase of 10% annually the number of employees in small companies (less than 200 employees).



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