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Technological aspects of 2030 Vision in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s policy for the coming years, was given the name Vision 2030, adopted by the Council of Ministers headed by the King and was published in full on April 26th, 2016. As described Quote remarks presented at the beginning of the document describing the vision: “The first goal for our country is to become a global pioneer model of success and excellence on all fronts, and I will work with you to achieve this.”

This vision is based on three areas: society, economy, and nation. Each domain includes detailed commitments divided into purposes. Among these, one can find the improvement of the economy from the 19th to the 15th place among the world’s largest economies, improving its place in the areas of e-Gov from 36th to be among the five leading countries and the creation of a digital infrastructure in cooperation with the private sector to develop ICT infrastructure and specifically broadband, expansion of coverage and capacity in cities and their surroundings as well as quality improvement. The goal in this context is to achieve penetration rate of 90% in densely populated cities, and 66% in other urban areas. The program intends to improve regulations and the establishment of effective partnerships with telecommunications operators for better development of critical infrastructures, together with support for local investments in the ICT sector.

This process includes various ministries and structural changes within them, extensive collaborations extensive, including with technology companies, such as a contract recently signed with Microsoft for training and support technological changes resulting from this vision, along with the desire of Britain and Norway to take an active part in realizing the vision of Saudi Arabia.



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