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Policy Progresses of Ciber Security in Mexico

The 27th of December 2016 in the Mexican online newspaper “El Economista”, the journalist Julio Sánchez Onofre wrote about the situation Mexico experienced in cyber security:

“There is a premise in cyber security: the threats move faster than mechanisms… The Mexican government pursues since 2014 the objective to create one cyber security and ciber defense policy.”

Mexico appears to have a quick-response against the threats that faced the last years, in 2015 the country was the second nation in Latin America and the Caribbean most affected and vulnerable by cyber crimes. Despite of it, the 2nd of august of this year in a different Mexican online newspaper,  named “La Jornada, en linea” the journalist Miriam Posada highlighted:

“Mexico is on the first place using cyber security tools in Latin America with 0.660 points showed in the Global Security Index, made by the International Telecommunications Unit (UIT). However, it is on the third place in North America where the cyber security tools used by United States and Canada have qualifications of 0.810 points”.

The analyst agency of Thé Social Intelligence Unit (The-SIU), also mentioned in the article of Miriam Posada, commented that “Mexico shows strenght on the legal process, likewise has positive data on the technical side.”



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Written by Andrea Celeste Gutierrez

Andrea Celeste Gutierrez
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