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PIN-coded devices discovered in Iasi Airport, Romania

A man was caught in Iasi Airport having in his luggage skimming devices used for copy the PINs cards. He was going to Lima, Peru, with a flight break in Madrid. According to the Border Police, the suspicious man had in his luggage skimmed equipment like tablets for mounting on bank card slots, small video-cameras for obtaining PIN codes and many other devices designed to compromise the ATM systems.

On Saturday, the same day, police had made five home searches (three in Galati city, one in Iasi and another one in Vaslui) which were identified other equipments for compromising the ATM’s and  defrauding of credit cards. Moreover there were found bank cards on which the data of their electronic payment instruments (credit / debit bank cards) were issued by banks from France, the United States of America, Ireland, Japan and Israel. The Board Police says also that there have been identified and confiscated several computer systems and data storage media.

The Board Police affirms in a press release on Monday: “As a result of the searches carried out on Saturday, there were reasonable evidence and evidence that the Romanian citizens C. Cătălin and I. Marian, acting repeatedly within a criminal organized network and on the based of the same criminal resolution, during 25.09.2017 -15.11.2017 they have imported, owned and used hardware devices adapted with the aim of acessing ATM’s in an illegal way  in order to serve for falsification of electronic payment instruments by engraving illegally obtained skimming data on blank cards”.

The decission made was to preventively arrested C. Cătălin and I. Marian  for 30 days.

The action was carried out by prosecutors from the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism – Territorial Service of Galati; the workers in the Institution of Defending the Organized Crime in Galati; employees of the Brigade for Combating Organized Crime Iasi and the border guards from the Territorial Inspectorate of Border Police Iasi – Border Crossing Point.



Written by Bianca Cristina Parvu

Bianca Cristina Parvu
Completed bachelor degree in International Relations and European Studies in Romania, at Ovidius University, and now continuing with a Master Program in Early Modern Studies in Sweden, at Uppsala University. Specialized in political science and history. The field of interest, besides political sciences, is both old and new terrorism.