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NVIDIA Corporation network intrusion

On December 23, it was reported that an intrusion was discovered earlier this month in NVIDIA company network which apparently occurred two months earlier, in the garden were asked employees to change the passwords.

It is not clear yet if all the company’s network were  breached or how the attackers managed to gain access to the database, in which the workers information’s and their  passwords were kept in a secure manner.

In a letter sent by the CEO to employees on December 17, IT reported that the hackers took the usernames and passwords of the workers, but probably did not steal confidential information of the websites. More workers were called to help, to change the passwords, and warned to be careful about any kind of phishing scam attempts and to check the activities of their bank accounts and credit cards.

The letter did not informed of the extent of the damage, but it is estimated that the details of more than 500 employees were exposed.



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