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Huge leak claimed that the Syrian government computers

On April 6th, a group called Cyber Justice Team claimed responsibility for hacking many Syrian government sites and leaking a compressed file of 10GB of information from them, referring to a file and a message, which are no longer available. Later, they posted another message with the file encryption key.

Other reports claimed that the file contains 38 768 folders, 274 477 files from 55 different domain names belonging to 25 different government agencies and private companies, as well as private servers and access passwords, a total of 43GB of information. Also it is estimated that this information is old and related to past hacking of the Joomla CMS system used in some government sites, but some information may be new.

The Twitter account which posted the messages, includes various messages denouncing Assad’s regime is responsible for the crisis in Syria, “whose allies killed and tortured Syrians” and that Assad and ISIL are “trying to destroy the Syrian Revolution” and “both are killing the Syrian people, and the response for that came as “Regime hacked & leaked“.

However on April 12th the same hackers published that they did not leaked files of nine official Syrian educational sites (Edu.sy) located on servers of the government, since they are activists and they erased all their files securely.

On April 14th, another announcement was made with reference to a message that includes the details of the encryption key file.



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