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Four social media pages closed in Egypt for inciting violence

On October 10, 2017, it was published that Egyptian Interior Ministry had ordered to close four pages on social media (whose details were not disclosed) since these pages were administered by individuals who had used them to circulate posts inciting violence against state institutions and citizens

The Egyptian parliament is scheduled to discuss a cyber crime bill during the current legislative term, as the bill has been pending since the past two terms. The drafted law supports struggle against social media users and against pages inciting violence against the state. The bill imposes harsh punishments, ranging from heavy fines, to prison sentences, to capital punishment.



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Written by Tal Pavel, Ph.D

Tal Pavel, Ph.D., Middle Eastern Studies. Lecturer, commentator, researcher. Expert on technology, Internet and Cyber in the Middle East and the Islamic world. Owner of the Middleeasternet.com website.

Translated by Eldad Salzman

Eldad Salzman
Eldad Salzman, B.A., Middle Eastern Studies (Tel Aviv University). Owner and manager, ESHTAR Translations and Computer Consultancy, currently Eldad Salzman Translations. Translator and editor (Hebrew, English, Esperanto, Arabic and other languages). Translator of bulletins on Middle Eastern affairs, global jihad, worldwide terrorism. Former translator for Israeli cellular companies Cellcom and Partner (Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew). Former lecturer on word processors, data retrieval, and indexing. Admin, editor and contributor, the Hebrew Wikipedia. Moderator of Internet forums (Translation; Linguistics; Esperanto). Topics of interest: Cyber and Internet; Wikipedia; lectures in Esperanto. Lectured on Hebrew and Arabic in the International Congress of Esperanto, Tel Aviv, 2000.