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Fast Facts about Fraud in Mexico

The National Commission for the Financial Services Users Protection and Defense (CONDUSEF Spanish), did a researching based on the complaints with monetary impact presented by clients of the Bank of Mexico (2011-2017)

The most relevant data is:

  • The cyber frauds were 7% in 2011 and in the first trimester of 2017 represent 42%.
  • The 91% of the cyber frauds were for electronic trading.
  • The first trimester of 2017, were registered 1.5 million of compliments, 18 thousand per day to the Banking Sector.
  • 28% of the fraud compliments are from the Mexican bank Bancomer, 22% from CitiBanamex and 19% from Santander.
  • In the first trimester of 2017, the users reclaimed $3,244 million of Mexican pesos from which were payed only the 53%. 8 from 10 issues are solved in favor of the user.



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Written by Andrea Celeste Gutierrez

Andrea Celeste Gutierrez
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