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Collection of news regarding the field of BDS

Governance – On May 7th, it was announced that two political parties in the Netherlands are calling for sanctions on Israel because “the ongoing violations of Palestinian rights.”

Green Left Party issued a decision, on April 24th, confirming the call to pause the agreement between Israel and the EU. 66 Democrats called on April 16th to promote the EU’s call for Israel to stop its “settlement building in the occupied lands and other violations of human rights”.

Religion – On April 24th it was reported that during the National Assembly of the Alliance of Baptists (8-10 April), the organization approved the use of the BDS policy to “end the 49 years of the Israeli military occupation Palestinian land.”

Culture – on April 25th, the Free Word Centre in London hosted an event titled; “PEN: No Partnership with Apartheid – Free Palestinian Poets & Journalists”, a Facebook event was opened as well.

Military – on April 7th, there was a demonstration of activists from Inminds which blocked one of the entrances to the British arms factory, Thales, for two hours. This protest was due to the company’s cooperation with Elbit in the production of UAVs, which is argued that are being used for the killing of civilians in Gaza.

The demonstration was part of a broader protest that began the next day in Sussex as part of a journey to stop arming Israel.



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