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Activity in the Persian Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia in the field of “e-government”

UAE – On May 15th 2016 it was announced that a delegation of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department visited in Dubai Smart Government (DSG) and studied the smart services field, including the development of government websites, smart phones and electronic …

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The third annual competition for students in the field of cyber security in UAE schools

On April 20, it was reported that the National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) in the UAE will host the third annual competition in the field of cyber security for students aged 12-18, which will be held during the 1st – …

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A new fatwa forbids the use of a neighbor’s wireless network without authorization

On April 14th, it was reported that the religious authorities in Dubai have issued a fatwa forbidding the use of one’s neighbor’s wireless network without authorization. In response to a question from an anonymous caller, the Department of Islamic Issues …

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