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A memorandum of understanding between Iran and South Korea in the area of broadband internet and “the internet of things”

On May 3rd, it was posted in the BusinessKorea that the Ministry of Science, technology, information and communication (ICT), and future plans in South Korea announced a joint examination with Iran of the Memorandum of Understanding regarding cooperation on ICT, …

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Software designed to allow Iranians view internet content and bypassing governmental restrictions

Posted on March 18th that a young Iranian-American who has developed, from his home in California, a free and easy to use program that allows faster internet access for residents of Iran, bypassing restrictions by the governing regime. Toosheh (توشه) …

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They took the Web and painted it green

Prior to the presidential election in Iran, the Internet and social networking Web sites were used by the different candidates and their online supporters as a means of competing with each other. In hindsight, it is clear that the Internet …

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