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Activity in the Persian Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia in the field of “e-government”

UAE – On May 15th 2016 it was announced that a delegation of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department visited in Dubai Smart Government (DSG) and studied the smart services field, including the development of government websites, smart phones and electronic …

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Hilary Clinton´s email

The office of the Director of National Intelligence is reviewing two classified emails sent by former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, the website ‘The Hill’ recently reported. According to the report published December 16th, the emails are believed to contain …

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Hackers seek help in attacking website of Israel’s Ministry of Defense

In a Twitter message posted on June 10, persons identifying themselves as the “Java Cyber Team” asked for help in Cyber attack against the website of Israel’s Ministry of Defense. The “Java Cyber Group” launched their Twitter activity only few …

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The “Syrian Electronic Army” leaked Turkish PMO Email addresses

A statement on behalf of the Syrian Electronic Army claims the group has broken into the Turkish Prime Minister’s server. A tweet dated June 5th linked to a file containing 67 email addresses and passwords apparently originating from the ministry; …

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