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Internet blocking attempts to combat the phenomenon of matriculation exams leaks

On June 14th it was posted that several voices in the Egyptian Education Ministry called for disabling Web services an hour prior to the Thanaweya Amma exams which are conducted between June 5-28 and will determine for some 570 thousand …

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The arrest of members of a band that has released a video which criticizes the Egyptian government

On May 11th it was reported that four young Egyptians, members of the Street Children band were detained for 15 days on charges of spreading on social networks and on their YouTube channel, a video, which was filmed by a …

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Software designed to allow Iranians view internet content and bypassing governmental restrictions

Posted on March 18th that a young Iranian-American who has developed, from his home in California, a free and easy to use program that allows faster internet access for residents of Iran, bypassing restrictions by the governing regime. Toosheh (توشه) …

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Restrictions on VoIP calls on whatssap: Morocco imposes and Saudi Arabia removes

On January 6th  it was reported that telecommunications providers in Morocco (Matoc Telecom, Meditel, Inwi) decided on restricting access to VoIP services via free apps such as Whatsapp, Viber and Skype. The restrictions were reflected in the difficulties of the …

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Soon, Thailand will also equip its army with a cyber-warfare unit

 The many challenges posed by the computerized world and especially the cyber-world, require the individual, the organization and the country to protect themselves at different levels.  Within this framework, countries are creating military and civilian agencies that engage in warfare …

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German’s intelligence services collects everyday 220 million items of information from listening to satellite communications and Internet

On the 2nd of February, a German News Website (ZEIT Online) published that the German Intelligence Services (BND) collects around 220 millions pieces of information every day, but not in a focused way. Indeed they practice extensive surveillance such as the …

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