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Cyber Defence in Deep: Designing the Cyber Security Agency Organisation for Turkey

An academic article published about Turkey on “Journal of Naval Science and Engineering” in 2014, proposes an eight-layer “defense in depth architecture” for cyber security of Turkey. According to article that was published by K Göztepe; R. Kılıç; ve A. …

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It’s time for NAC to take a NAP

FW Cable

Disclaimer: This article is an editorial opinion and is not exhaustive of all technologies and techniques in the market and is intended to cause the reader to better explore the need and not take decisions soley based on it’s content. …

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Cybersecurity companies on the Forbes “Hottest Startups 2015” list

The latest Forbes’ Hottest Startups list for 2015 includes three cybersecurity companies, attesting to the fast-growing relevance of the field. The three companies-  Tanium, Menlo Security and Illumio- are considered to have a fastest growing valuations over the time. Tanium …

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