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A unified security control center began operating in Saudi Arabia

On May 15th it was reported that the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia Mecca province inaugurated a security control center, which is the largest and most modern in the Middle East, called the “National Center for Joint Security Operations.”

The center monitors 18 thousand security cameras, among other, through two giant screens which are the biggest in the Middle East, which will be linked in the future to smart applications. The new center replaces current control rooms, which were consolidated into one database all run in one room by more than 400 officers and private entities in each shift. To this end, the Ministry of Interior has trained so far four times this number of people, also from outside the kingdom.

Command Room of road safety has been running as part of this center to which the reports arrive using the number 911, which will gradually replace the existing numbers in various security sectors. This will allow transferring a big amount of data within seconds using one number, while maintaining the ability to access the service and receive calls, also from people with various disabilities.



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