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Hackers attacks Israeli websites

During June 1, 2010, the second day after the takeover of the Turkish flotilla, hacking activity against Israeli sites increased, and as a result, more sites were being attacked and vandalized.

Most of this activity is documented below:

Madconfighttp://jbi.cafetorah.com, http://fotos-de-jerusalem.com, http://israel-images.com, http://lovetotheneedy.co.il

1923turkhttp://www.carpetcleaning.co.il, http://www.livne-natan.co.il, http://www.globerehovot.co.il, http://www.imi.org.il/site

Netuzman Hack Teamhttp://raichman.co.il

Megaturks.Net http://puah.org.il



aB0 m0h4mM3dhttp://widetech.co.il, http://vinocigar.co.il, http://pisty.co.il, http://nunbetbooks.co.il, http://kolnessziona.co.il, http://kasum.co.il, http://hypnosis.co.il, http://hiseeyou.co.il, http://fionola.co.il, http://ekodik.co.il, http://bvn.co.il, http://adbakery.co.il, http://tali-rights.org.il

Vprotesthttp://www.3angle.co.il, http://red-board.co.il, http://www.asakim.org.il/specialoffers.php



CoBRa_21http://www.gvina.co.il, http://yamyam.co.il, http://tibc.org.il, http://soya.co.il, http://www.shop.cooperage.co.il, http://oatly.co.il, http://www.itaylahat.co.il,

By_aGReSiFhttp://shabo.co.il, http://pixelmedia.co.il, http://paramedic.co.il, http://kaktus-shoes.co.il




IslamiC GhOsTs TeaM http://sly.co.il, http://tell.co.il/index.html



hard_hakerzhttp://nod32.org.il, http://eset-nod32.co.il, http://nod.co.il, http://nod32.co.il, http://nod-32.co.il, http://nod.org.il

1. All in all, at least 19 hackers – most of them Turks – attacked at least 54 Israeli websites.
2. For now, the attack mainly targets different commercial and business websites, with a small number of attacks targeting organization websites.
3. At the moment, one cannot see combined and coordinated activity of the hackers against Israeli websites and especially not against organizations, government sites, telecommunications, banking, infrastructure and more.
4. Even if it’s not part of a major offensive, it is undoubtedly a rising wave of attacks against Israeli websites, with a rise in the number of the attacks, by any measure, in comparison to an ordinary day.



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